Adriana Babali and Rous

Adriana Babali and Rous

Adriana Babali and Giorgos Rous are composers, song writers and singers, both of same age and working together for the first time this year. They have shared the same music codes, the same music experiences as they have been influenced by the Greek rock bands of the 90's such as “The Holes”, “The Wooden Swords” and rock singers like Nikos Papazoglou, Thanassis Papakonstantinou, Nikos Portokaloglou.

Adriana has studied economics and music. She started her career as a singer with Nikos Portokaloglou in 1998 and wrote the music for the award winning Greek movie film “Brasiliero”. Since then, she has participated in many concerts with Michalis Hatziyannis, Elias Liougos, Orpheas Peridis, Christos Thivaios and others. At the same time she has written, and been recognized for, music and songs for films and television series, such as “You are my man” for the television series “The Island” based on Victoria Hislope's book.

Giorgos Rous whose real name is Giorgos Georgiadis, best known as Rous, has studied television and movie productions. He started his music career in 1999 when he founded the rock band “Wrong Door”. He has been awarded many prizes for his songs and acquired his reputation for successful hits such as Exeressis (exceptions), Marionettes, Red Lights, “A Particular affaire”, a song for Nikos Zapatina's film “Once upon....a baby”, and of course for the famous “To Fili” (The Kiss), sung by Haris Alexiou.

Together, the two young and promising musicians and singers will present us with well known old and new songs.


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