Melina Kana

Melina Kana, «O Gois tou Thissiou» and Petros Malamas

Melina Kana is a very popular contemporary Greek music interpreter known from the albums of Socratis Malamas and Thanassis Papakonstantinou. This summer she will come to Serifos with a new perspective as well as new work. Together with a band of 4 under the fancy name of “O Gois tou Thissiou” (The charmer of Thession) they will readapt her older songs using postmodernism in a way that is as fancy as the name of their band is.

Panayotis Manouilides specializes in adaptations, instrumentation, bass, guitars and vocals. Thanos Kazantzis plays drums, electronics and loops*. Kostas Nikolopoulos plays drums, keyboard and percussion instruments. The 4th of the group, Nikos Papaioannou, plays all the string instruments such as cello, lute, sazi and tzouras. Petros Malamas will sing along with Melina Kana.

Music Loops is a technical term referring to the repetition of melody, harmony, or phrases.


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